Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback

Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback

In Windows use

With the help of the software provided by Immersion As already mentioned, it is possible to individually assign a force effect to every desktop object, every link, every button or whatever. First of all, you have to say that the vibration when crossing a link or an adapted graphic only works with Internet Explorer, Netscape users have so far had to do without it. Experience shows, however, that over time it can be quite annoying to be irritated by shaking a button, link, or other object when crossing a button. It is therefore advisable not to activate the iFeel function when working under Windows, or not to assign any force to the buttons in the first place. Much more interesting here is the use in games.

In play

Whether first-person shooter or strategy, both are controlled with the mouse and feeling the explosions cannot actually damage the realism of the game . Since the company Immersion also developed ForceFeedback, the mouse can be used in many ForceFeedback games and appropriate patches are available for others. However, the number of known games that support TouchSense is not very large. The website von Immersion also shows the following top games with or without a patch, with the iFeel: Half Life (Patch), Soldier of Fortune, MDK2 (Patch), Battle Zone II, Heavy Gear II (Patch). The games listed are only a selection, a complete one can be found on the said website.

Half-Life was available to me to test the iFeel function. In order not to let any hope arise: CounterStrike or all other available mods for Half-Life cannot be played with a shaking effect. The reason for this is that the iFeel or TouchSense Patch is a Costom Game. Only after starting or activating this Costom game does Half-Life become a vibration experience. Both the complete single player mode and the multiplayer mode are available. Another suspicion is that in multiplayer you can only join servers that have also started the TouchSense patch as a Costom game. While you can still agree in the local network that the server is started with the correct custom game, it is a very difficult undertaking to find a corresponding server on the Internet. To be honest, not a single server is running with it.

Practice use Half- Life 1
Practice use Half-Life 2
Practice Mission Elite Force

If you ignore this, admittedly bigger problem, you can at least fully benefit from the iFeel effect in single player mode. When jumping, shooting or exploding you can clearly feel that the corresponding forces are at work here. For my personal perception, however, the vibrations are a little weak. All in all, however, they increase the fun of the game. Another game that iFeel supports but is not mentioned on the website is Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. This first person shooter offers the configuration menuMouse/joystick the ability to activate ForceFeedback. Surprisingly, the mouse is also supplied with these effects. While in Half-Life you are delighted with a force effect when jumping and shooting, the effect in Elite Force is limited to a slight throb when firing.

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