Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback

Logitech iFeel MouseMan in the test: The first mouse with force feedback

The iFeel MouseMan

Logitech's latest prank finds its place on USB port and is also supplied with power via this, operation on the PS/2 is not intended. Due to this fact, the use of the mouse is only possible from Windows 98 or higher, with Windows 95 there are major problems due to the lack of USB support. Under Windows 98 it is recognized as soon as it is plugged in and can also be used as a simple mouse without any extra functions without installing the supplied software.

The large MouseMan has a total of 4 buttons, with the mouse wheel having two functions. On the one hand it serves as a wheel for scrolling in documents, on the other hand it is a regular button. For any Logitech connoisseur, the mouse's design should come as no surprise. The ergonomic shape is identical to that of the Logitech MouseMan +.

From above
From below

It lies very well in the hand if you are right-handed, for left-handed people the smaller iFeel Mouse would be the bestbetter choice. All buttons are easy to reach and accidentally pressing the thumb button is unlikely.

The technology

The iFeel MouseMan is an optical mouse that completely points to a 'ball' Mechanics 'is waived. The information about the movement of the mouse is calculated here by photographing the surface. This process takes place several hundred times per second, which enables very fine movement of the mouse. The lack of a ball also drastically reduces the soiling of the mouse, as neither dust nor dirt can get into the mouse via the optics.

Technology 1

When you open the mouse, it quickly becomes clear which technology is behind today's mice. In addition to some integrated switches, you can also see the motor responsible for the vibration.

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