Logitech brings a credit card-sized camera

Logitech brings a credit card-sized camera

With the Pocket Digital, Logitech presents a digital camera in credit card format that can store up to 52 images with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The camera in the stylish aluminum design is the ideal partner for on the go, which can be hidden inconspicuously in your pocket.

The Pocket Digital is connected to the PC via a USB cable. The camera's lithium polymer battery is recharged via the USB cable in parallel with the download of the images - so no cumbersome handling with annoying batteries! The camera has 16MB of internal memory for 52 images with a maximum resolution of 1280x960 pixels.

The camera is delivered together with the Logitech software Pocket Digital 5.0. The Logitech Pocket Digital will be available from specialist retailers in May for 179 euros.

Logitech Pocket Digital