Linux in the Bundestag - Microsoft is fighting back

Linux in the Bundestag - Microsoft is fighting back

As has been read again and again in the past few weeks, the operating system on the computers in the Bundestag has to be replaced because Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows NT4. In an open letter, they are now defending themselves against the arguments of the proponents of the 'Bundestux'.

This is the name of a campaign , which has set itself the goal of using the computers in the Equipping the Bundestag with free software, i.e. Linux. This is a necessary signal for Germany for 'regulatory, competition and location policy as well as democratic reasons'. Further argues, for example, that only free software enables the social review and improvement of programs. Kurt Sibold, CEO of Microsoft, refers in his letter primarily to the following section:

'The democratic component can not only be reduced to the increased security and flexibility of the software, but is rather an expression of an expanded understanding of democracy that includes economic and technological developments. For these considerations, it is almost the duty of a democratic one State to rely on free software. '

He is now criticizing the fact that the people behind the campaign obviously consider a state with computers running an operating system other than Linux to be undemocratic. He also sees a contradiction in the statements of the campaign members. It also has a negative effect on competition if one opts for the use of open source software as the 'only viable alternative'. Overall, he describes the campaign as 'public discrimination' against Microsoft products and calls for a return to an objective discussion.