LG continues to support burner software manufacturers

LG continues to support burner software manufacturers

As we reported a few days ago, LG allegedly refused to support software manufacturers with the new burner models. This report was based on a statement by an LG employee published by Heise-Online. LG denied this report in the strictest terms today.

The following letter was sent to Heise's colleagues.

'Dear Mr. Kuri,

we would like to inform you that the statement in your news dated November 19, 2002 that LG no longer wants to support the manufacturer of burning software with the implementation of its CD writers is not is correct.

We have not received any requests for burner test devices from the software manufacturer Feurio. LG is interested in supporting manufacturers of burning software. This is common practice at LG and Feurio has in the Past test samples received from us.

Due to a misunderstanding, one of our employees made a personal statement based on wrong basic requirements. We have already contacted Feurio and specified the future cooperation.

Thank you and regards/Thank you and regards,

Harald G. Philipp

Director Sales & Marketing

Information System Products

LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH '

So the whole Excitement just a storm in a glass of water. However, what prompted the employee to make such a statement will remain a mystery forever. Feurio has now removed the relevant news from the system, but if you want to read it again, you can find it here .