Less loss than feared with AMD

Less loss than feared with AMD

Merryl-Lynch analyst Joseph Osha paints a less negative picture of the shares of the second largest PC CPU manufacturer AMD than initially assumed. Instead of the expected 23 US cents per share, we now assume a loss of only 14 cents for the current fourth quarter.

However, a special talent in stock market affairs was not actually required, as the US share rose - $ 7.93 at the beginning of the quarter to currently US $ 18.31, even overtaking the number one in the processor market, Intel, whose price is around the $ 16 mark.

One reason for this are the sales of the stocks of the expiring Pentium4 in the old Sockel423 design, declared as delivery difficulties for the Socket478-Pentium4.

However, from January onwards the cards will be completely reshuffled, as Intel and AMD will most likely bring their respective successors to the current models in 0.13µ manufacturing technology onto the market. It is generally expected that Intel's product will benefit more from the power and silicon-saving conversion and that Intel's lead in the field of real clock frequency will continue to grow.

Nonetheless, the AMD paper at Merryl-Lynch is still on the list of values ​​to be kept.