Leadtek GeForce4 with two fans

Leadtek GeForce4 with two fans

Like many companies before, Leadtek has now announced graphics cards with nVidia GeForce 4 graphics chips. While the WinFast A250 series relies on nVidia's flagships, GeForce4 Ti 4600 and 4400, the WinFast A170 series uses the GeForce4 MX chips.

As for the features of the WinFast 3D GeForce4 Ti 4600 and 4400 as well as the WinFast As far as GeForce4 MX 460, 440 and 420 are concerned, Leadtek stuck to nVidia's specifications. With one small exception. So you don't just use any standard cooler on the WinFast A250 series, on the contrary, because the massive heat sink covers both the top and bottom of the graphics card. Two fans ensure fresh air and certify that the graphics card has great overclocking potential.

WinFast A170 series
WinFast A250 series above
WinFast A250 series bottom