Leadtek announces WinFast MyVIVO series

Leadtek announces WinFast MyVIVO series

Leadtek announced at Computex 2002 in Taipei that they would be expanding their product range to include GeForce4-based graphics cards with an 'all-in-one' video solution. This is a 'Special Edition' of the WinFast A250 and WinFast A170 series, the WinFast MyVIVO series.

It should combine video editing, 3D gaming and hardware monitoring in an 'all-in-one' solution. The new series also offers 'Picture in Picture' (PIP) support with MPEGI/II codec and de-interlace function onboard. With the 'PIP' function it is possible, for example, to play a video and at the same time to watch the TV program in another program. With the DVI to VGA adapter that comes with the retail box, two monitors can be connected without any problems. 'MGI Videowave 5.0' is also available for editing videos. Another video in/out adapter cable provides the connection to external devices such as camcorders, cameras or TV sets. To round off the contents of the package, the buyer gets three full-fledged games, Rainbow Six-Black Throne, AquaNox and Master Rallye.

Since both the WinFast A250 and the WinFast A170 series will be expanded to include this special edition you will soon find the complete range of GeForce4 cards from Leadtek with these features on the market.