Leadtek announces graphics card with GeForce4 Ti4200

Leadtek announces graphics card with GeForce4 Ti4200

Little by little, more and more graphics card manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon with nVidia's GeForce4 Ti4200 graphics chip. In addition to Gainward, Prolink, MSI and Asus, Leadtek has now also added a corresponding product to its portfolio with the WinFast A250 LE TD.

The graphics card will be equipped with 64 MB graphics memory, the one with 250 MHz (500 MHz DDR ) is operated. Even with the chip clock, the nVidia specifications are fully adhered to with 250 MHz. A picture of the card shows a mighty heat sink with a fan, which should provide more than enough cooling. The WinFast A250 LE TD will be available in stores in the next few days. The recommended retail price is 230 euros. A variant with 128MB memory will also be available shortly. By the way, we dealt extensively with the performance of a GeForce 4 Ti4200 graphics card with 128MB graphics memory in our GeForce 4 Ti Review .

Leadtek WinFast A250 LE TD