KyroIII petition started

KyroIII petition started

What does the KyroIII actually do? Lately it has become more than quiet about the highly touted successor to the KyroII. It is no longer a secret that KyroIII exists, but when will it appear? Even PowerVR is still keeping a low profile.

In view of the rumors that got into the network at that time, the KyroIII was often already in A very good performance attested in advance. But if the publication is delayed further and further, that could no longer be of any use to him either. The KyroII SE no longer represents a real alternative until the release of the KyroIII.

Now the PowerVR supporters are slowly getting impatient and have launched the 'Kyro III NOW' petition. They express their concerns in a nutshell: 'We want ST and ImgTec to tell all the fans out there what's going on with Series4 aka Kyro3! We don't want to wait longer. We want the infos NOW!' Such a petition should not be crowned with great success, if you still want to express your displeasure, you can do so here .