KT400 soon officially with DDR400?

KT400 soon officially with DDR400?

In the course of our research on a KT400 vs. nForce 2 article, we came across an interesting new feature in a block diagram on the website of the chipset manufacturer VIA. Has the KT400 been officially given DDR400 support after all?

While the word DDR400 is still not mentioned on the entire product page of the KT400 , the illustrated representation of the chipset architecture seemed to appear after extended by this addition. There are now 200/266/333 and 400MHz to choose from as possible memory clock rates.

Since VIA in the past subsequently announced expansions of chipset specifications (KT333/KT400 support FSB333) in a press release, the KT400 does not seem to have officially been granted DDR400 support. However, the diagram suggests that this step may be taken soon. This would be understandable, since the reason given for the lack of implementation was the lack of a standard for DDR400. JEDEC will soon adopt this, not least through Intel's initiative.

However, the fact that the KT400 with DDR400 is often unstable and unspeakably slow will not change this step. The revised KT400A should only help here.