Kodak with the new 4 megapixel DigiCam

Kodak with the new 4 megapixel DigiCam

With the DX4900, Kodak presents a 4 megapixel digital zoom camera for 650 euros. The camera, which measures 116 x 67 x 42 millimeters, weighs only 225 grams and is equipped with 16 MB CompactFlash memory. For a 4-megapixel camera, however, this is quite tight, because in the highest resolution only 12 photos fit on the card.

Unfortunately, you have to do without an IBM MicroDrive, which could store up to 1000 photos in the largest version, because the DX4900 is only equipped with a type I slot. Various setting options such as automatic program, white balance or light sensitivity can be set as well as exposure metering, which works with multiple zones, center-weighted or center-point-oriented if desired. There is also a macro mode with which you can get up to 7 centimeters closer to your object. The camera station is available as an accessory for easy transfer of the images to the PC, and costs another 120 euros. At the same time, the camera station can also be used as a charger for the batteries. Kodak plans to offer additional lenses such as wide-angle and macro lenses in the near future. Larger CompactFlash cards are also expected to come onto the market.

Kodak DX4900 with Station