Kingston now also has RAM for overclockers

Kingston now also has RAM for overclockers

After Corsair, Geil, Mushkin and OCZ, Kingston, who have made an excellent name for themselves primarily with their server modules, now seems to have discovered the market for high-speed RAM modules for themselves. With the new HyperX product family, one would like to address overclockers directly.

Currently two modules are available for the enthusiast, the HyperX DDR 370MHz (PC3000) and DDR 434MHz (PC3500) . Both have an aluminum heat sink that should ensure rapid heat dissipation. With the PC3000 modules, Kingston guarantees the timing 2-3-3-1T with a real clock of 185 MHz, with the PC3500 with its 217 MHz even 2-4-4-8-1T. Both RAMs are available with a capacity of 512 MB (double-sided) and 256 MB (single-sided).

HyperX DDR 370MHz (PC3000)
  • KHX3000/256 with 256MB for $ 109.00
  • KHX3000/512 with 512MB for $ 213.00 HyperX DDR 434MHz (PC3500)
  • KHX3500/256 with 256MB for $ 129.00
  • KHX3500/512 with 512MB for $ 254.00

The modules are currently only available in the USA, but will also be available in Europe in early 2003. In the past we have taken a closer look at twelve DDR333/PC2700 and DDR400/PC3200 , including modules from Kingston.

Meanwhile, Corsair is busy working on its current PC3500C2 -Flaggiffs and can now guarantee even sharper timings. With a clock rate of 217 MHz, the timings 2-3-3-7-1T are now possible instead of 2-4-4-8-1T as before.