Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Practical application

Of course you also want to know how the keyboards perform in everyday use. I will describe my impressions here in three areas - Office, Internet and Games.


So let's start with the Office area. These include applications such as Microsoft Office or Sun StarOffice. All keyboards can convince here thanks to excellent keys with a soft and gentle pressure point, the fingers hardly get tired when typing long texts, as I myself have determined based on this article. In addition, there are the pleasant and well-made palm rests on which you can rest your wrists in a relaxed manner. The hotkeys of the Microsoft Office keyboard offer even more convenience, as the large scroll wheel and the additional keys for cutting, copying and pasting are very useful after some training period. The mouse wheels on the two Logiech keyboards serve their purpose just as well. In addition, you can use the two buttons for Word and Excel to run the two corresponding programs at the touch of a button

Here I would like to talk about a characteristic of the office keyboard that needs getting used to. Since, as already mentioned, the arrangement of the Delete, Insert, etc. keys has been changed, it has happened to me several times that I pressed the Enter key instead of the Del key and vice versa because they are now the same height lie close together. Furthermore, you have to get used to the fact that the Insert key is above the number pad and only performs its desired function when the 'F Shift' key is activated. And right now it happened to me again that I pressed the Delete key instead of the end key. Now I would like to go into the effect of the changed arrangement of the F-keys. As already mentioned, they are not arranged in 3x 4 rows, as with most keyboards, but in 4x 3 rows. So if you are working with the office keyboard for the first time, you will almost certainly make a mistake at some point when you press one of the F keys. All in all, both take a bit of getting used to, but can be mastered very quickly. The only inconvenience is switching to a keyboard with a 'normal' arrangement of these keys.

Then there is no more great to say, all keyboards are easy to connect and use, the software is easy to install and, apart from the short familiarization period with the office keyboard, its use shouldn't bring any major changes.


Mutlimedia: I don't just count surfing as part of practical use, but also occasionally listening to music. Here the Logitech keyboards fully exploit the advantages of their multimedia control, because both the track selection and the buttons for play/pause and stop are easy to use and fulfill their purpose. The volume control including the mute button completes the whole thing.The office keyboard only offers keys for mute and volume plus and minus. Unfortunately, you have to do without these features with the wireless desktop keyboard. The Logitech models also offer the advantage that you can open a multimedia application with the help of the media button. If you press this key, a small selection window opens, in which you can select, for example, Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Internet: All keyboards can score here, because each of they have buttons that are designed to make browsing the Internet easier. The Logitech keyboards have a back button on the iNav module and a Go button with which you can enter an address directly, which will then be opened in a new browser window. The Microsoft keyboards also have a back button, but also a forward button, which is used significantly less than the former. In turn, all keyboards are the same as the e-mail button, which is also written the same on all keyboards - e-mail. By default, this calls up the e-mail client, which shouldn't come as a surprise. But this button can also be reassigned on all models. Every keyboard also has the buttons Search, Start page and Favorites, so calling up the start page or displaying favorites is just a matter of pressing a button and is therefore quite pleasant. The same applies to the e-mail button.


In the Games area there are a few interesting features regarding the hotkeys. Again there is a special case with the office keyboard - namely the double assignment of the F-keys. In and of itself no problem, as long as you have activated 'F Shift', then the F keys are actually sent. If 'F Shift' is deactivated, however, other keyswhich may cause programs/functions to open/run and interrupt the current game. However, I can give the all-clear: This is only the case with the first three F-keys, as for example F2 with deactivated 'F Shift' calls up the Office Home page, whereby the task of course switches to a browser or a new one is opened , no window should be open yet. The general rule is: Activate the 'F Shift' key before each game.

Incidentally, the mouse wheels on the Logitech keyboards and the office keyboards also work wonderfully, but are rather impractical because you can (in 99% of all cases ) has one hand on the mouse and one on the keys that are responsible for the movement. Then it takes a lot of time to move your hand from the buttons to the mouse wheel and back again - here you should take the wheel on the mouse, especially since both wheels have the same function.

With the wireless representatives Incidentally, there were no abnormalities either, as one might suspect a longer response time due to the radio transmission.

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