Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Office Keyboard

As already mentioned under 'Design and Form', the Office Keyboard has a few other very useful keys on the extension of the left side of the palm rest n and functions. This includes, for example, switching applications quickly back and forth, which is no longer laboriously done using Alt + Tab or Alt + Shift + Tab, but simply by pressing one of the two buttons below. There are also three buttons for the functions cut, copy and paste, as well as the two buttons for back and forward often used in Internet Explorer. However, the buttons can also be assigned according to your own wishes in the IntelliType software, for example with programs or websites.

One thing that takes a bit of getting used to: All F-keys have two functions and are labeled on their front and top. Depending on the state of the 'F Shift' caps lock key on the top left of the keyboard, the function can be addressed on the front or top. Small example from practice: The F12 key is labeled 'Print' on its top,on the front with F12. If you now press this key while F Shift is activated, it is also the F12 key. However, if you press it when F Shift is deactivated, printing takes place. These functions are permanently set and cannot be changed using the software.

Functions of the F keys
F Shift to F Shift from F1 Help F2 Office Home F3 Task area F4 New F5 Open F6 Close F7 Answer F8 Forward F9 Send F10 Send F11 Spell F12 Print

This means that the F keys also represent hotkeys or special keys. There is also a row of 13 keys at the upper edge of the keyboard, where the 'F Shift' key, which has already been mentioned many times, starts the row when viewed from the left and also has an LED that shows the status accordingly. Now there are still 12 keys left, which have the following functions or execute programs:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Startseite
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Calculator
  • Sound off
  • Volume -
  • Volume +
  • Log off
  • Standby

There is also a symbol on each of the buttons showing the function or program represents. For example, the e-mail key has imprinted a letter or the calculator key imprinted a pocket calculator. Then there are the two keys to the right of the F keys: Back and Restore, the first key with a curved arrow pointing left and the second key with a curved arrow pointing right. These buttons can be used to undo the last performed operation or to repeat an undone operation.

Microsoft Office Keyboard
Microsoft Office Keyboard left

Wireless Desktop Keyboard

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard is very frugal when it comes to hotkeys. There are a total of ten hotkeys on the keyboard - seven at the top and three on the right, above the number pad. A small overview of the hotkeys, the last three are arranged above the number pad as mentioned.

  • Back
  • Forwärts
  • Cancel
  • E-Mail
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Home
  • Workplace
  • Computer
  • Standby

So you can see that hotkeys are available for the most important functions under Windows, especially with the search and the calculator key you can save a little time when calling up.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard Hotkeys 1
Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard Hotkeys 2

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