Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison


There all four keyboards have a wealth of hotkeys in addition to all of the properties and functions already described, I would now like to ex speak to tra, because it is precisely the hotkeys that make our test candidates even more interesting.

Logitech liked this one Have already done some work. But not in the form of already usable text material, but through the fact that the hotkeys on the Cordless Desktop Keyboard and on the Internet Navigator Keyboard are exactly identical. The only exception is the volume control, which I have already mentioned in detail. Brief repetition: Cordless Keyboard has a rotary wheel, Navigator Keyboard has two keys, each up and down.

With Microsoft keyboards, things look different again, here there is an extra page for the Office Keyboard its huge number of hotkeys and an extra page for the rather frugal wireless desktop keyboard.

Logitech Keyboards

Both Logitech keyboards have a total of 20 hotkeys, excluding the mouse wheel. With cordlessDesktop Keyboard I counted the wheel twice, because it basically only represents the luxury version of the volume control and also has two functions. The hotkeys are divided into four parts. The multimedia control is located on the upper edge in the middle and stands out from the rest of the keyboard with a different colored background (cordless keyboard: light gray; navigator keyboard: dark blue).

Logitech Cordless Multimedia
Logitech Navigator Keyboard Multimedia

There are five further hotkeys to the left and right of it, also in dark blue and light gray the first one, seen from the left, is the standby button. The iNav module, which has a normal mouse wheel and two buttons, is located on the left edge. A key is used to call up a website directly, whereby an input window opens beforehand in which the address of the page is entered. The second button below has the same function as the back button in the browser - namely back.

Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Hotkey iNav
Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Hotkey right

You can assign websites or programs to all of the ten buttons on the left and right of the multimedia control according to your own requirements, which is convenient via the iTouch software is made. A brief overview of the ten hotkeys, starting from the left:

  • StandBy
  • Finance
  • Private Sites
  • Social
  • Favorites
  • iTouch
  • E-Mail
  • Shopping
  • Search
  • Home

All other buttons have fixed assignments or only allow changes to their options, such as the Go button, where you can change the prefix that is already entered, should you want to enter an address using this key. Example: If you press this key, you can enter an address. By default, there is now http: //www .. Now you can also adapt this to your wishes, e.g. only http: //or whatever someone wants. The scrolling speed of the wheel can also be set, as can the mode, i.e. whether you just want to scroll vertically with the wheel, switch between applications or regulate the volume. You can even zoom in. On the right of the picture you can see the various setting options for the individual hotkeys very nicely.

Logitech iTouch iNav
Logitech iTouch start page

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