Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison

Keyboards in the test: Four times Logitech and Microsoft in comparison


In Recently at ComputerBase we have rarely dealt with peripheral devices such as keyboards. Reason enough for us to directly compare two keyboards from Microsoft and Logitech in this review. In terms of Microsoft, it is on the one hand the Office Keyboard and on the other hand the Wireless Desktop, Logitech is represented in our comparison test with the Internet Navigator Keyboard and the Cordless Desktop Optical. The name already reveals it for two test devices: wireless and cordless. These devices work with radio and can still communicate with the computer and transfer data from a distance. The test will show to what extent this technology is suitable for keyboards. Furthermore, all keyboards have changed so much in terms of form and functionality that they differ greatly from conventional 105 key keyboards. All four test candidates are significantly larger, but at the same time offer a nicer design and an extended range of functions such as hotkeys or an extra scroll wheel, as you would on any mouse with a wheelfinds. A lot has also changed in terms of comfort and ergonomics, so that working with the keyboard is still pleasant even after hours and your wrists do not hurt. The following comparison test will show how the candidates fare in these and other areas.

The test candidates

As already mentioned in the foreword, four candidates compete against each other in our comparison test: The first from Microsoft's ranks is the wireless desktop (around 80 euros), which comes with a wireless keyboard including wireless mouse and also with it 10 hotkeys. The second is the Microsoft Office Keyboard (approx. 60 euros), which offers a number of hotkeys as well as an extension with a scroll wheel and special keys on the left. Logitech competes with the Cordless Desktop Optical (around 150 euros) and the Internet Navigator Keyboard (around 40 euros), which are identical except for a few small things.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop
Microsoft Office Keyboard
Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical
Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard

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