KDE Plasma 5.21: First look at the new kickoff start menu

KDE Plasma 5.21: First look at the new kickoff start menu

The free desktop KDE Plasma in version 5.21 will appear in March and, in addition to a new standard wallpaper, will also receive a revised kickoff menu for starting applications. In addition, the year 2021 within the KDE community will also be dominated by the display server protocol Wayland . Linux and BSD >

KDE Plasma 5.21 is coming in April

After the KDE community recently released the point release KDE Plasma 5.20.5 with various bug fixes and the KDE Frameworks 5.78, preparations are now underway for the next one big major release KDE Plasma 5.21, the presentation of which is planned for April according to the roadmap.

Image comparison: KDE Plasma 5.21 with Breeze Dark (Image: KDE eV) Breeze Light (Image: KDE eV)

The project has already released the new wallpaper 'Milky Way' for download (.PNG) and also gives an outlook on the revised kickoff start menu that is available based even more on the desktop application menu of the MATE Desktop Environment , which has recently become more and more popular.

More speed and more Wayland

The developers also announced theTo focus even more this year on the integration of Wayland and to present both KDE Plasma 5.22 (June) and KDE Plasma 5.23 (October) by the end of the year. The application framework and GUI toolkit Qt 5.15 serves as the basis.

Users who want to test KDE Plasma 5 without risk can do so with the Linux distribution KDE neon , which can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download archive below this message.

The YouTube channel ADeswanta Techs_ , which specializes in Linux and distributions presents the new kickoff start menu and its new functions in a four-minute video in detail.

More interestingInformation about KDE Plasma and the upcoming releases can be found in the KDE Community Wiki .


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