iTunes with video rental and share skyrocketing

iTunes with video rental and share skyrocketing

The rumors about a video rental through Apple's iTunes Store have been going on for some time after previously unused program code appeared in iTunes itself. Now, Apple is said to be about to conclude an agreement for video-on-demand offers with Twentieth Century Fox.

Films that can be downloaded by the iTunes Store user should be provided with a copy protection system, which allows the borrower to watch the film for a limited time. So far, all other Hollywood studios are said to have broken off negotiations with Apple about a new video-on-demand (VoD) offer, so that Twentieth Century Fox could initially be the only Hollywood studio on offer from Apple. In addition, Twentieth Century Fox will equip future DVDs with Apple's DRM so that users will be able to make a limited number of copies of the DVD for legal transfer to an iPod or Apple TV. For Apple TV in particular, products such as VoD, which can be seen as safe, are extremely important in order to boost sales and stand out from the competition. So far, films can only be purchased from the iTunes Store, but not rented. In Germany, however, this offer is still clearly lagging behind. In this country, films cannot even be bought in the iTunes Store, although this offer has been on offer in other countries for some time.

Neither Apple nor Twentieth Century Fox have so far been available for comment. An announcement of the collaboration is expected on January 14th, the launch of Macworld. An announcement of the worldwide sales figures for the iPhone is also expected for Macworld 2008. These should then be at a total of five million, of which one million units should be sold in Europe. Apple's original goal wasto sell a total of 10 million copies by the end of 2008. It remains to be seen whether this target will be revised upwards, since half of sales were achieved at the beginning of the year. In addition, there are still rumors that an iPhone with 16 GB could also be announced at Macworld 2008.

Apple's share has continued to rise in the last few days and for the first time in its history exceeded the $ 200 threshold. At the beginning of 2007 you could buy an Apple share for less than 90 dollars, since then the share has been rising continuously, so that analysts are now seeing it rise to 225 dollars because of the new iPod models and the iPhone .