ITK industry celebrates 2nd IT summit as a 'complete success'

ITK industry celebrates 2nd IT summit as a 'complete success'

The second national IT summit is a complete success from the point of view of the ICT industry. 'At the IT summit there is not only talk, but concrete high-tech projects are tackled and driven forward,' said the president of the Bitkom industry association, Prof. August-Wilhelm, in Hanover.

The Hanoverian Euphoria is hardly surprising, as the second IT summit in the industry has so far brought the desired results. In addition to a few new projects, these also include additional commitments to medium-sized businesses.

The 'successful projects' include a security package for medium-sized businesses, the establishment of a uniform public authority number 115, and the 'IT 50Plus' program for training older people Employees and the appointment of an IT officer for the federal government. In addition, there are the Theseus flagship projects for knowledge management on the Internet and E-Energy for reducing energy consumption . 280 million euros will be invested in these two projects, which will come in equal parts from public and private funds. “Such IT projects are of overriding importance for the economy and society,” celebrated Scheer. 'That is why it is so important that we use the IT summit as an accelerator for the development of the high-tech location.' Information and communication technology not only makes life easier, safer and more mobile, it also drives innovation in many branches of the economy.

In the opinion of the industry association, the IT summit should be continued against the background of these successes. ' Education and the shortage of skilled workers , public safety, better broadband coverage in rural regions and green IT - these are central issues that we will have to work on in the coming year,' said Scheer. The ICT industry could thus make a significant contribution to solving some of the great challenges of the future. Scheer: “AtThese issues can only be changed if politics, business and science work closely together. The IT summit is an ideal platform for this. ”

Said ICT industry is one of the largest branches of industry in Germany. The companies in the IT and telecommunications industry achieved a turnover of 148 billion euros in Germany in 2007 and employ more than 800,000 people. They include manufacturers of computer and communication technology as well as entertainment electronics, software providers, IT service providers, telecommunications companies and internet providers.