Italy buys 30,000 Athlon systems

Italy buys 30,000 Athlon systems

As the Internet magazine 'The Inquirer' announced today, the Italian Ministry of Finance has decided to purchase 30,000 systems with AMD's Athlon XP 1800+. The decisive factor for this decision was the stability and reliability of the systems.

Lt. The Inquirer proudly announces to AMD that the Italian system integrator 'CDC S.p.A.' has been awarded the contract to equip the Ministry of Finance with AMD systems.

Apparently, people in Italy are firmly convinced of the performance and stability of AMD systems. Last year, the Italian Ministry of Labor ordered 60,000 systems with AMD Duron processors from the same system integrator for use in a large government education program.

With the current order, AMD has been awarded the contract for the third time in a row an Italian ministry.