Is the nVidia Detonator 32.xx coming today?

Is the nVidia Detonator 32.xx coming today?

nVidia is undoubtedly one of the companies with the best driver support, although not all of the drivers developed reach the end customer through official channels. Nevertheless, the drivers are among the best of their kind and it was always impressive how nVidia was able to increase the performance with new drivers.

The colleagues from TheInquirer would now like to know that nVidia is still today with a new driver generation is released for download. We're talking about the Detonator 5, which supposedly will start with a version number of 32.xx. These drivers are said to be characterized above all by an improved anisotropic filtering performance, as nVidia had hardly optimized this function for maximum performance in previous drivers.

At the moment we can only wait for the official nVidia release. Because drivers that shouldn't reach the public have never come to the public unofficially either.