iPhone process: Vodafone is subject to T-Mobile

iPhone process: Vodafone is subject to T-Mobile

After the Hamburg district court yesterday once again postponed the decision on the legality of the preliminary injunction of Vodafone D2 against T-Mobile because of the iPhone's distribution model, the civil chamber came to a judgment today.

The court has ruled that T-Mobile can offer the iPhone with a two-year contract and a block for other networks. While Vodafone D2 is again defeated by T-Mobile, T-Mobile is now free to return to its old sales model and to take the 999, - Euro iPhone without SIM lock off the shelves again. The injunction against T-Mobile was overturned by the court. In a first reaction, a spokesman for T-Mobile said: 'We are going back to the old sales model'. It is unclear at the moment whether Vodafone will appeal the judgment.

The decision of the Hamburg Regional Court now opens the door to similar sales models, so it should only be a matter of time before other telecommunications providers and Cell phone manufacturers are copying the model from Apple and T-Mobile.

Update December 04, 2007 3:06 pm

Meanwhile, the official press release from T-Mobile has arrived. In it, Philipp Humm, spokesman for the management of T-Mobile Germany and divisional director for sales at Deutsche Telekom, says: “I am pleased that there is now clarity for our customers. We have always been convinced of the legitimacy of our offer and are still ready to fight for this sales model. In the future, the entire mobile communications industry must rely on innovative devices and new types of sales models in order to achieve growth again. ”It is also confirmed that T-Mobile will return to the old sales model and stop selling unlocked devices:“ This model became ours imposed and in no way corresponds to oursIdeas of a customer-friendly complete solution. Only in the T-Mobile network can the new experience of mobile Internet on the Apple iPhone be carefree, ”says Humm. After the minimum contract period of 24 months has expired, customers now have the option of unlocking the device free of charge.