Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner


Even if the burner made a consistently good impression in the test, there were a few things that reduced the overall impression a little. One of the rather small problems was that the HotBurn software included with a 699MB CD meant that there was not enough space on the CD even though an 80 minute CD was inserted. After repeatedly affirming that the process should be continued anyway, there were no further problems. We also noticed that the drive, possibly because it is standing freely, generates quite a lot of noise and even drowns out our very loud 400 watt power supply. A bit of a shame, but not a problem in itself is that the burner, as already mentioned, is not or cannot be supplied with power via the USB connection, since a device of this type simply draws significantly more current than the maximum intended 500mA. Furthermore, since the device is in the open air, it is of course an ideal dust collector. Another current drawback is, of course, that audio CDs cannot be grabbed because the necessary programs do not (yet) recognize the drive as such.


Basically, Iomega has succeeded in creating an ordinary burner that supports the common writing modes and the current standard features, and a good to very good CD-ROM drivedevelop. The biggest advantage is, of course, that the product can be quickly and easily attached to another computer that does not have a burner, such as a notebook. The disadvantage is that USB 2.0 is not yet very widespread and one therefore probably not enjoying full speed. People who often go to LANs should probably leave the device at home, since due to the design it can of course change hands very quickly, to the sorrow of the owner. The only real drawback that the Predator has to show is the price, which at 329 euros is significantly higher than that of an IDE top burner. Because of this price, the scope of delivery in terms of manual and enclosed CDs is of course quite poor to disappointing. In summary, one should ask oneself whether one really needs an external burner or, if there is no IDE bus available, one should not buy a very good burner that can also be used as a CD-ROM drive can use. At this point we would like to thank Iomega for testing the product. As always, our forum is responsible for questions.

Iomega Predator CD-RW
  • fast and easily installed
  • external burner
  • scope of delivery
  • good CD-ROM drive
  • high price
  • very loud

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