Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Access time

In the access time test, the Iomega Predator can shine with peak times and can do more than just keep up with the Yamaha burner in terms of data and audio. In the full range he even manages to beat the Yamaha burner quite clearly. Whether the Iomega drive is attached to the USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 bus has no effect on the access times. Thus, the Predator ranks right at the front in this test.

Data CD access times
Audio CD access times

Spin time

The spinning times can also change rank the Iomega product very well, although Yamaha is slightly ahead here, while Asus is a bit behind. The low spin-down time of the Predator on the USB 1.1 bus is due to the low read speed of six times, which throttles the drive down. The spin-up times resulted in unreal values ​​that could not be used, but it is to be expected that Iomega is also very good here.

Spinning times

Detection time

Iomega is a bit behind when it comes to detection times, Please note that the values ​​had to be measured by hand as the software did not support this measurement function for the Iomega. Therefore, these values ​​should be treated with caution.

Detection times

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