Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Writing Audio & RW

When burning audio CDs, the picture is basically the same, but the Predator is a little further behind at 11 seconds when the Yamaha and Asus burn 700MB. The Yamaha burner is still impressively fast here, as it almost comes close to the 32x burner from Asus.

Write audio

When rewriting a CD, the Iomega burner can push itself in front of the Yamaha model, although both write at ten times the speed and should therefore theoretically be the same . However, this distance is very small and lies within the usual time fluctuations that can occur with every burn process.

Write data CD-RW

The old HP model is far here back, although this burner only had to burn 650MB, because the 700MB CD-RW blank from Asus could not be written to, which can be traced back to the old RW technology, because slightly modified blanks are required for each burn speed above 4x Can be used 4x. For the complete erasing of CD-RWsbasically as much time as needed for writing, which is also logical.

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