Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Iomega Predator in the test: external USB 2.0 burner

Test system

In order to be able to assess the performance, a (still) freshly installed Windows 2000 with the current Service Pack 2 was used. The system was supplied with the last drivers so that the burner could go to work under the best possible conditions. This time, 24x blanks from Philips were used for writing. The burner was tested on USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, whereby the extensive tests were of course made with the latter.


The software we used to determine performance was the included hot Burn burning software and the current version of Ahead Nero forWhich were used on the one hand to determine the theoretical performance data and on the other hand to measure the results in real use. The same mix of MP3s, .zip and .exe files and videos was used in the data write test as in the comparison test between the Yamaha and the Asus burner. This time, however, we did not let the test object write at different speeds, but rather different sized CDs, namely 699 MB, 494 MB and 300MB. Seven audio tracks with a total size of 646 MB were used again for writing audio CDs.

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