Iomega HDD 20 GB in the test: External hard drive for USB 2.0

Iomega HDD 20 GB in the test: External hard drive for USB 2.0


Mobility in the workplace is increasing and it is more and more common that critical data has to be moved safely from A to B. . Usually the CD-R or a somewhat slower but rewritable CD-RW is used. The big advantage of a CD is obvious: the media are small and handy. Furthermore, every newly delivered computer has a CD-ROM drive, with which the data can be read in and used virtually anywhere. However, changing the data is only possible where a CD recorder is available, which is not yet the case with every computer. In addition, the storage capacity of the CD with usually 650 or 700 MB is significantly limited with today's data volumes. The DVD-R stores a lot, but both the media and the DVD recorder are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain.

But what alternatives are there when it comes to transporting large amounts of data quickly and safely without having to rely on special hardware, such as a DVD drive? A normal IDE hard drive can certainly meet these requirements, as every PC has two onboard IDE controllers, which are often onlywait for further devices to be connected. However, especially here the data transport would not necessarily be thrilling, since a constant hard drive installation and removal becomes simply annoying in the long run. Alternatively, a removable hard drive frame would be conceivable, but the compatibility of the available models is not exactly advanced here. In addition, not every arithmetic servant has such an extension.

An external solution is needed! With the Universel Serial Bus, a standard was quickly found that is available on every computer sold after 1997 and is therefore available everywhere, but here in version 1.1, which with 12MBit/s (1.5MByte/s) is not exactly massive Can transfer data. Version 2.0 of this standard has been available for some time, is backwards compatible with its predecessor and can transmit enough data at 480MBit/s (60MB/s). The majority of motherboards sold today already support this standard, only the end devices were a long time coming. With the Iomega HDD 20 GB for USB 2.0, a really interesting product has now paved its way, which should be ideal for data transport and backup. With a fair price, storage capacities of up to 120 GB and downward compatibility with the older USB 1.1 standard, the small, external hard drive fulfills all the requirements for a special kind of data exchange. We will discuss the extent to which the good piece of hardware can meet the expectations in the course of this Illuminate the article.

Scope of delivery

The Iomega HDD 20GB USB 2.0 that we have examined comes with all the accessories required for operation.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the external hard drive, there is a rather simple cover with a 1 meter short USB cable, a power supply unit with plugs suitable for Europe and Great Britain, a CD, the three programs (Iomega QuickSync 3, Iomega Backup, MusicMatch JukeBox) and an online manual in eight languages ​​(Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese), as well as a 'Quick Install' guide that explains how to use the external hard drive in 17 languages ​​in five simple steps.


However, you can safely do without these instructions, because there is not much you can do wrong when connecting the cables. Only a USB 2.0 controller is missing in the scope of delivery. However, this would drive up the price of the package unnecessarily, especially since, as already mentioned, many current mainboards have onboard USB 2.0.

Alternatively, Iomega also offers the new, external hard drives with a Firewire connection, which, however, would like to be paid with an additional 15 euros, but the compatibility is severely limited because not everyone has a Firewire connection.

Portable HardDrive
External Hard Drive

There are also various sizes of external hard drives to choose from. While the 20 (in our test) and 40 GB version comes in a slim, small case, the 80 and 120 GB versions that are also available are significantly more bulky, as they are not a 2.5 inch notebook hard drive but a 3, 5 inch desktop hard drive is used. The devices are available at the following prices:

Different versions of the Iomega hard drives
Description Price Iomega HDD 20GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive 249 euros Iomega HDD 40GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive 399 Euro Iomega HDD 40GB Firewire Portable Hard Drive 415 Euro Iomega HDD 80GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive 339 Euro Iomega HDD 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive 465 Euro Iomega HDD 120GB Firewire External Hard Drive 485 Euro

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