Internet trade continues to grow strongly

Internet trade continues to grow strongly

This year, too, Internet trade increased significantly and showed enormous growth rates, especially in the run-up to Christmas. On the peak day, December 17th, Amazon Germany recorded a total of 880,000 orders.

So could more that day than ten articles per second are sold. In the previous year, this peak value was just over seven articles per second. Overall, the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, recorded its best Christmas business to date and sold a total of more than 5.4 million products on December 10, 2007, which was the peak day in the world. The most popular products in the run-up to Christmas this year were game consoles in front of digital cameras, MP3 players and LCD monitors as well as video games. In the USA, the Christmas business was weaker due to the retail credit crunch. In this period, sales rose by a mere 3.6 percent, while they increased by 6.6 percent in the previous year and by 8.7 percent in 2005. Only internet retailing was able to post a plus of a good 20 percent.

After Christmas, it is now time for auction houses such as eBay, who are hoping for good sales through auctioned Christmas gifts. One in ten Germans will be auctioning and selling Christmas presents online in the next few days. According to a Forsa survey, 17 percent of 14 to 29 year olds plan to do this.