Internet Explorer the most widely used browser

Internet Explorer the most widely used browser

According to a study, most German Internet users surf the web with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Only a very small proportion use the Netscape Communicator, as does the Norwegian browser Opera.

This statement is based on the Investigations by Fittkau and Maaß on the occasion of the 14th WWW user analysis. According to this, 94,193 Internet users were asked for their standard browser between April and May 2002. Accordingly, a little more than a third (36.2 percent) of the surfers use Internet Explorer version 6.0. Almost as many (31.8 percent) surf the net with the predecessor version 5.5. The older versions 5.0 and 4.0 are still used by 20.1 and 1.2 percent of Internet surfers, respectively. The Netscape Communicator was beaten. Only 2.2 percent of German surfers used the version 6.0 browser. The old Netscape 4.7 is still used, which is still used by 1.9 percent. In contrast, only 1.6 percent use the Norwegian browser Opera.

The result of the analysis clearly shows once again that there is actually no battle for the browser crown. Because 90 percent of German Internet surfers have already made a decision, and Microsoft has confirmed that the decision to integrate Internet Explorer into the operating system was the right one.


Our measurements on last May should be very interesting in this context. Some of these deviate quite significantly from the results obtained in the survey. The Internet Exlporer 6.0 managed it with almost 61%, well over the absolute majority. Certainly a sign for the target group of our site, who are interested in hardware and software and therefore up to date. IE 5.5 with 12% and IE 5.0 with 11% clearly have to pay tribute to its successor and its topicality. Forthe Netscape browser looks even darker on than the survey already revealed. 1.1% for version 6.0 and 1.6% for the variants of the 4.x series speak for themselves. Another guarantee for our readers' overview of the 'industry' should be Opera 6.0. At 4.1%, this is the fourth most popular browser on, albeit far behind.