Intel's upcoming dual-channel chipsets

Intel's upcoming dual-channel chipsets

The colleagues from x-bit Labs have summarized the previous information about the upcoming Intel chipsets with dual-channel memory interface in a table. The data is based on the rumors from the Internet up to now.

The chipsets that have become known so far are code-named 'Granite Bay', 'Placer' and 'Springdale' and should also come onto the market in this order . We want to show you the table here in an adapted form:

Granite Bay Placer Springdale Supported CPUs One 0.18µ or 0.13µ Pentium 4 Two 0.18µ or 0.13µ Xeon One 0.09µ or 0, 13µ Pentium 4 system bus 533/400 MHz 533 (?)/400 MHz 667/533 MHz memory PC2100 DDR 2 channels PC2100 DDR 2 channels PC2700 DDR 2 channels Integrated graphics No No Yes (also version without) AGP 8x - 8x Southbridge ICH4 with USB 2.0 and new AC´97 Sound P64H2 with PCI-X and PCI-64 ICH5 with Serial-ATA and WLAN Release period end of 2002 Fourth quarter of 2002 Second or third quarter of 2003

Here, too, it is noticeable that Intel is the first wants to switch to Serial-ATA and PC2700 DDR-RAM next year, but then also increased the FSB to 667 MHz. For the single-channel chipsets i845GE and i845PE, Intel will switch to the official PC2700 DDR-RAM support in autumn. To what extent the information about the dual-channel chipsets will prove to be true remains to be seen.