Intel's plans for 2002

Intel's plans for 2002

Once again, new information about Intel's processor plans for 2002 has been released. Since this information has largely been correct in the past, one can again hope that most things will turn out like this.

In summary, the following sequence arises:

Pentium 4:

  • The first CPU with 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus will be available in the second quarter of 2002. It should be clocked with 2.26GHz and 2.4GHz and manufactured in 0.13µm on a Northwood basis.
  • Also in the second quarter there will be a 2.4GHz faster Pentium 4 with 400MHz FSB.
  • In line with the introduction of the 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus CPUs, Intel will launch the I845E (Brookdale-E), i850E (Tehama -E) and i845G (Brookdale-G), which support the 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus.
  • The 2.5GHz (400MHz bus) and 2.53GHz (533MHz bus) Pentium 4 will be presented in the third quarter.
  • The 2.8, 2.66 Pentium 4 with 533MHz bus and the 2.6GHz Pentium 4 with 400MHz bus will follow in the fourth quarter.
  • The 3GHz Pentium 4 should be presented at the beginning of next year earth, which should still be based on the 0.13 µm technology and the Northwood core. After that, Intel will gradually switch to 0.09 µm. When the Northwood will have to be replaced by a new core is still completely open, as it shows a lot of potential at the moment.


  • At the end of the second quarter the Celeron 1.4GHz based on the 0.13µm Tualatin/256 core will be available. This should be the last Celeron based on Pentium III.
  • Also in the second quarter the first Celeron based on a modified Willamette with 128KB cache with 1.7GHz should appear. At the same time, Intel will probably introduce the i845GL (Brookdale-GL) chipset.
  • The 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0 GHz fast Celerons will follow in the third and fourth quarters. It remains to be seen whether these will still be CPUs with the old Willamette core or with the new Northwood corenot clear. In view of the recently announced setting of Socket 423, switching to Socket 478 is more than likely and would also make perfect sense.