Intel's chipset prices through June

Intel's chipset prices through June

We will not only be able to experience some changes in the processor prices in the future, the prices of the chipsets for the Pentium 4 platform will also be quad-pumped on April 1st together with the presentation of the Pentium 4 2.4 GHz with 400 MHz FSB Quad-Pumped easy.

This price reduction is primarily associated with the introduction of new chipsets that expand the current platforms with USB 2.0 support. The basis for the Pentium 4 with a front-side bus of 533 MHz Quad-Pumped will also be created with these new basic components.

Chipset prices under wholesale conditions
Currently 1 April 30th June i850 $ 40 $ 38 $ 38 i850E $ 40 $ 40 i845G $ 46 $ 43 i845E $ 41 $ 38 i845 $ 39 $ 37 $ 33 i845GL $ 33 $ 31

The most striking feature of this price list is certainly the price of the i845GL , which was specially designed for the Celeron with the old Pentium 4 core (Willamette), which comes with an L2 cache reduced to 128KB. Although this chipset comes with an integrated graphics solution (but without an external AGP 4x), it is significantly cheaper than the i845G, which in comparison also has integrated graphics, but also has an external AGP 4x bus. It should be clear that Intel is pushing this chipset into the market with significant subsidies in order to enable cheap platforms for the new 'Pentium 4' Celeron.