Intel with another cheap chipset

Intel with another cheap chipset

The battle in the lower chipset segment is getting worse. In order to keep the prices of its own chipsets down, Intel is playing with the idea of ​​bringing an i845GLL onto the market in addition to the i845GL, a version of the i845G that has been slimmed down by the external AGP port.

For this purpose, the chipset giant asked some motherboard manufacturers about their interest in an even cheaper Pentium 4 chip variant. Depending on how the feedback turns out, Intel would be ready to start delivering in late April or early May. The introduction of the i845GLL would roughly coincide with that of the i845GL. This is not too tragic as the chipsets differ only slightly from one another. The northbridge of the i845GL is identical to that of the i845GLL and does not support Intel's new Pentium 4 with a front-side bus of 533MHz. In contrast to the i845G , both do not offer an external AGP and can therefore only be operated with the integrated graphics solution that all three 'G' variants have in common. The performance of this integrated solution is, however, still well below that of a GeForce2 MX400, but is completely sufficient for normal office applications. While both the i845G and the i845GL will be delivered with Intel's ICH4 (Input/Output Controller Hub) Southbridge, which already supports USB 2.0, only the ICH2 would be used with the i845GLL, which comes without this support. So it's no wonder why Intel can submit the i845GLL later if necessary, as Intel only adds an older and cheaper southbridge to the northbridge, which is currently still used in every Pentium 4 motherboard. Intel can now offer the i845GLL in wholesale quantities for under $ 25 ( See also ). This brings you the SiS650, which is also aimed at the same price segment and also withIntegrated graphics are therefore much closer.

However, these chipsets are by no means the first choice for the highest performance. Together with the introduction of the new Pentium 4 with a front-side bus of 533 MHz, a new edition of the i845 will be presented in the form of the i845-E, which not only supports the new processor, but also supports USB 2.0 with the help of the brings with it the new and already mentioned Southbridge ICH4.