Intel versus VIA: Selling motherboards banned?

Intel versus VIA: Selling motherboards banned?

Last summer a topic was booming on national and international hardware sites: the legal dispute between Intel and VIA. Now, at least in Germany, Bloomberg claims to have found out, a verdict has been passed - with explosive consequences.

Review: VIA's announcement in 2001 that a P4 chipset would get a P4 chipset on its feet without acquired licenses gave rise to legal action to deliver. Since they had recently acquired an agreement with the graphics card manufacturer S3 on an unrestricted technology swap with Intel, it was not considered necessary to license the technologies. Intel saw it differently and threatened with injunctive relief. And even the mere threat worked wonders on the market, because practically no manufacturer wanted to include the P4X400 in their product portfolio at the risk of a sales ban.

Well, Bloomberg reports, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court has banned the import and sale of products with VIA-P4 chipsets, at least in Germany. Boards like the P4PB400-FL, which we have just tested, should no longer be available in stores with immediate effect.

Josie Taylor, Press Spokeswoman Intel Hong Kong: 'The Dusseldorf District Court has decided to prohibit the importation or sale of Via chipsets that work with Intel Pentium IV processors. '

It remains to be seen whether the report actually turns out to be truthful and to what extent such a judgment can be used as a reference in other countries Could apply.