Intel to continue building $ 2 billion factory in Ireland

Intel to continue building $ 2 billion factory in Ireland

Intel continues construction of Fab 24 in Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland. The $ 2 billion factory will produce advanced semiconductors with 300 mm wafers and 90 nanometer manufacturing technology.

This technology will be used, for example, in the Northwood successor Prescott ( see also ). The entire facility occupies an area of ​​around 9.3 hectares. Part of the new factory will be a nearly 15,000 square meter clean room. The start of production is expected in 2004. After completion of this factory, Intel will have four production facilities with 300 mm wafer production. Manufacturing with 300 mm wafers significantly increases the production of computer chips and at a lower cost compared to production with 200 mm wafers. The silicon area on a 300 mm wafer is 225 percent larger than that of a 200 mm wafer - for the capacity of individual silicon dies per wafer this means an increase of 240 percent. The larger wafers reduce the production costs per chip and also the consumption of production resources: The energy and water consumption are 40 percent lower than when manufacturing with 200 mm wafers.

Construction of Fab24 originally began in June 2000 , but has been paused during the past year due to the generally poor economic situation. When completed in 2004, the factory will employ around 1,000 people. There are currently 3,150 Intel employees in Leixlip. During the construction period, the Fab24 is the largest construction project in Ireland - in addition, Intel’s total investment in production facilities in Ireland will amount to more than five billion US dollars in 2004.