Intel says goodbye to OLPC board

Intel says goodbye to OLPC board

It doesn't come as a big surprise, but it's still worth mentioning: The chip giant Intel has withdrawn from the board of the “One Laptop Per Child” project (OLPC). This ends the Group's commitment, which is largely attributable to its own strategy in the segment.

From the start, a Tense situation between OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte and those responsible for Intel. For example, Intel pressed Negropontes' OLPC idea indirectly with its own project, the Classmate PC, which is also intended for users in developing countries and is a counterpart to the XO notebook (formerly a 100-dollar laptop). Nevertheless, Intel symbolically joined the OLPC board in the summer after successful discussions . The break that has now been brought about is probably due to precisely this dispute. Negroponte asked Intel to put the Classmate project on hold. At Intel, on the other hand, it was argued that a larger range would be better for the users.

Another reason for Intel's adherence to the Classmate notebook is not least that the XO laptop has so far used AMD processors Will be used, even if, according to the latest media reports, a first XO based on Intel should actually be presented at the CES starting on Monday. If the classmate were to give up, the group would indirectly say goodbye to the entire area. An end to the OLPC engagement was probably more obvious.