Intel releases 3 new Xeon processors

Intel releases 3 new Xeon processors

Under the code name 'Gallatin', Intel has introduced a new range of Xeon processors. The new chips are especially suitable for servers with 4 or 8 processors, have more tertiary cache and can be clocked higher than their predecessors.

The new Xeon models are made with clock frequencies of 1.5GHz, 1, 9GHz and 2.0GHz delivered. In addition to the 64-bit Itanium processor, Intel continues to offer the latest processors for 32-bit applications.

The top Compared to the two smaller versions, the 2GHz model receives twice the amount of cache with 2MB. The new Xeons are now also manufactured in the 0.13micron process, which made it possible to implement the additional cache. The new processor should be able to outperform the fastest Xeon (1.6GHz, 1MB cache, 0.18micron) by 20-38% (depending on the application).

The prices are as usual with the Xeon, on an astronomical scale. The smallest model with 1.5 GHz costs US $ 1,177, the 1.9 GHz version tears a US $ 1,980 hole in the wallet and the 2 GHz model would like to be paid for with US $ 3,692. These prices are of course only for wholesalers and a purchase of 1000 pieces. Corporate customers who want to rely on these processors will be able to dig a lot deeper into their pockets.