Intel Pentium 4 HyperThreading-Spezial: Benchmarks in multitasking scenarios

Intel Pentium 4 HyperThreading-Spezial: Benchmarks in multitasking scenarios


Our main article on the new Pentium 4 with 3066 MHz could only demonstrate the advantages of Hyp show he threading. Out of 16 applications, only three were divided into so-called threads, which in some cases resulted in significant performance advantages. But as already mentioned in our basic article, a processor with Hyper-Threading support does not only benefit from specially developed applications. System environments in which many applications run in parallel can also be significantly accelerated. For this reason we have put together special multi-tasking scenarios to provide more clarity here. Since in everyday office life it is seldom to be expected that an application has sovereignty over the resources of the computer, as is the case with our standard benchmarks, the following multitaksing scenarios are simply more practical in some places.

What have the overtime of our i850E system with PC4200 Rambus resulted in?


Since Intel's Hyper-Threading is not entirely without it,we decided to publish a total of three articles on this topic that build on each other.

Since this is the last article in the series, basic knowledge of Hyper-Threading is of particular importance and should by no means be ignored.

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