Intel officially introduces Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz

Intel officially introduces Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz

After so many rumors, the day has finally come. The 0.13µm Pentium 4 with a clock rate of 2.4 GHz and the powerful Northwood core, which has a 512kb L2 cache, was officially presented by Intel today.

At the On the technical side, nothing has really changed in comparison to the Pentium 4 with 2.2 GHz except for the clock. However, the new Pentium 4 also brings production advantages for Intel.

So Intel currently has five production facilities for the 0.13 µm production, of which four use 200 mm wafers and one even 300 mm wafers. By using the improved 0.13µm technology and the 300mm wafer, Intel can accommodate more than five times the amount of product on a single wafer compared to the first Pentium 4 processor, which was shipped in November 2000. This of course also makes the production of a single processor much cheaper. However, for the time being the customer does not notice this price saving. Because the new model also has to be bought at a high price.

The Pentium 4 processor with 2.40 GHz costs 562 US dollars each with a purchase of 1,000 pieces, an in-a-box version including a cooler is also delivered to distributors . Everything else about the new Pentium, especially in terms of performance, can be found in our test report .