Intel licenses PowerVR technology

Intel licenses PowerVR technology

Even if STMicroelectronics stopped developing the Kyro/Kyro II, the PowerVR technology lives on. Because after VIA had shown interest, Intel has now acquired some licenses from Imagination Technologies and will certainly have products to follow soon.

The licenses refer to the PowerVR MBX graphics core, which was specially developed for integrated chipsets. With this, Intel is turning away from its own integrated solutions, which so far have also received little recognition. Since Intel in itself is a guarantee of success, one can assume that the future chipset with integrated graphics will be a success. Because the PowerVR MBX only renders the visible objects, so that considerable bandwidth can be saved here, which will also benefit the performance of the entire chipset. At the moment it looks as if VIA has missed the opportunity to secure the techniques that are necessary for promising chipsets with integrated graphics in good time.


It seems that our source xBit Labs did not consider that the 'MBX' was a development for mobile devices and we did not notice the little faux pas at first, so here is a small update.