Intel Itanium 2 is coming next week

Intel Itanium 2 is coming next week

There is hardly a CPU that is currently more hype than the representatives of the AMD 'Hammer'. With the processor, AMD is ringing in the age of the 64-bit capable CPU in-house. Often unnoticed and far from any media hype, Intel has had its own 64-bit processor on the market with the 'Itanium' since the end of 2000.

Completely unnoticed mainly for one reason: The Itanium is not a 32/64-bit hybrid processor How awesome it will be and therefore currently the necessary software and thus the compatibility to be able to use the CPU satisfactorily are still missing. Furthermore, Intel itself took the wind out of the sails early on and stated shortly after the publication that the Itanium '1' was viewed more as a test and, certainly to justify the poor demand, no great sales success was expected. However, before the official start of sales, Intel actually gave almost 6000 test systems free to companies and thus surely met a large part of the demand in advance.

Next week the successor, the Itanium 2, should come onto the market and bring the pure 64Bit CPU an upswing. The processor previously known as 'McKinley' is said to be available in three versions. According to ZDNet, the flagship with 1.0GHz and 3MB L3 cache for around 4200 US dollars, the smaller brother with 1.0Ghz and 1.5MB cache for a previously unknown amount and the 'Mini-Itanium' with 900MHz and 1 To buy 5MB for $ 1300. This means that the top processor hardly costs more than the Itanium 1 (4MB cache) clocked at 800MHz, which costs 4227 US dollars. If you trust the first SPEC benchmarks , the 1GHz/3MB processor offers almost twice the performance of its predecessor. How Intel ultimately wants to conquer the server market for itself and 64Bit with the help of the new CPU, Intel has Vice PresidentMike Fister presented TecChannel in an Interview .

Intel Itanium 2