Intel introduces new chipsets for workstations

Intel introduces new chipsets for workstations

Seven years after shipping their first multiprocessor-capable chip in November 1995, Intel today introduces a dozen new products for the Intel Xeon processor family. It is the most comprehensive product presentation in the server and workstation segment.

It includes new processors, chipsets and platforms for Intel-based servers and workstations. With the introduction of these new product groups, workstations will also have the opportunity to use Hyper-Threading Technology, AGP 8x graphics cards and dual-channel DDR memory technology. The new Intel Xeon processors with clock frequencies of 2.8GHz, 2.6GHz, 2.4GHz and 2GHz as well as the 533MHz front-side bus complete the picture.

The new chipsets are named E7501, E7505 and E7205. The E7205 in particular, which was previously known by the code name GraniteBay , has good prospects of being used in mainboards for end users due to its price. Asus , Gigabyte and Iwill announced their motherboards based on them a few days ago. All three chipsets support Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology and Dual Channel DDR memory , whereby the E7505 and E7205 can still shine with AGP 8x, even if the benefit for the user at home is negligible.

The Intel Xeon processors with 2.8 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 2 GHz and the 533 MHz front side bus are priced at $ 455, $ 337, $ 234 and $ 198, respectively, with a purchase of 1,000 pieces . The Intel E7501 chipset with a PCI/PCI-X controller hub for two-way servers, the Intel E7505 with a PCI/PCI-X controller hub for two-way workstations and the Intel E7205 for entry-level workstations are available for purchase of 1,000 pieces, $ 92, $ 100, and $ 57, respectively.