Intel i845G/i845GL weak

Intel i845G/i845GL weak

The first boards with Intel's new i845G/i845GL with integrated graphics for the Pentium 4 are now available. However, the Chinese colleagues from have some complaints about the graphics performance, which should actually be on the GeForce2 MX 400 level.

In the tests of the ECS L4IBMG mainboard with the i845G chipset, the 3D-Mark 2001 SE achieved a total of 1523 points with the standard settings. With a GeForce2 MX 400 AGP graphics card installed for comparison, the otherwise unchanged system achieved 2851 points, i.e. over 87 percent more points. The test with Quake 3 yielded similar results, where the i845G achieved 89.7 fps at 640x480 pixels, while the GeForce showed 220.7 fps. Even with higher resolutions, the Intel chipset could not win any country, with 1024x768 pixels it was 21.6 fps to 69.8 fps with the Geforce2 MX 400.

Even if the Intel drivers and the tested motherboard are still were available in a beta version, these numbers speak for themselves and clearly show that Intel is still a long way from its own target for the graphics performance of the i845G/GL.