Intel having problems with the FSB of the “Yorkfield”?

Intel having problems with the FSB of the “Yorkfield”?

Intel is apparently not free from bugs either. There are currently more and more rumors that the launch of the new quad-core processors will be postponed from January to February. The new dual-core variant 'Wolfdale', on which the 'Yorkfield' is based, should not be affected.

Apparently there is a problem with the integrity of the signal when the processor communicates with the chipset over the frontside bus, which under special circumstances can lead to data loss. The Core 2 Extreme QX9650 and QX9770, which are in the editorial office, have not encountered an error in any situation in the last few weeks, so that one can assume that this measure is more of a preventive measure. So far, Intel has allegedly only been able to reproduce the error in the laboratory. According to rumors, the company wants to avoid a similar disaster as AMD is currently experiencing with the Phenom and eliminate the error before the start of the most important processors for the end customer.

A four-week delayed start of mainstream - Intel can certainly cope with quad-core range thanks to the current models that are running well. The new Xeon CPUs with four cores (Harpertown) and also the new dual-core processors (Wolfdale) based on 45 nm production are not affected. The message shows at least one thing: Intel is not free from errors either, even if it is already a step ahead of the competition with its 45 nm production.

Problems with the Yorkfield?

The coming weeks will show what exactly is the truth of the rumors . So far, the company has not announced an official launch date for the other Yorkfield models; even the date of January 20th is just an assumption made by manywas redistributed. This rumor does not bother current record hunters, of course, so that on December 7th, one day after the alleged problems first appeared, 6,133 MHz was promptly reached with a Core 2 Extreme QX9650 .