Intel closes the gap to the GHz CPU

Intel closes the gap to the GHz CPU

Today was the official launch day of the 933MHz variant of the Pentium III. The 933MHz variant finally closes the gap between the 866 and 1GHz model of the Pentium III. The processor is available both in the FC-PGA variant and for Slot1. Like its predecessors, the 933MHz CPU is manufactured using the 0.18 µm aluminum process and also has the ISSE command extension.

It only differs from its predecessors in the price of US $ 744 (for 1000 pieces).

Now it is Intel's task to bring the new processor onto the market in sufficient numbers, as it is almost impossible at the moment a PIII with a clock frequency of over 800MHz is available.

At the same time, the new XEON III 933 was presented. As with the PIII, a 256KByte L2 cache has been integrated into this, which can be accessed with full processor clock. However, in contrast to the PIII, the XEON runs on slot II, which is usual for server use. The price of the XEON III 933 is similar to the P III 933 at US $ 794.