Intel boards not ready for Pentium 4 3.0GHz?

Intel boards not ready for Pentium 4 3.0GHz?

According to 'secret' roadmap documents, Intel plans to make changes to the specifications of their motherboards, which should pave the way for future processor generations. Manufacturers will soon have to adapt the design or bios to future Pentium 4 'Northwood' processors.

'Rika 'has linked all the documents that Inpact-Hardware did not want to publish in the comments of this news at position 60. If we assume the authenticity of these files, mainboards with i850, i845E and i845G should be equipped with the new 'FMB 2' directive from the 4th quarter of 2002 and a maximum of 70A (or 82 watts) instead of 60A (or 64 Watts). Mainboards with the still outstanding chips i845GE and i845PE should appear in the first revisions with the new guidelines. In the course of the 3rd quarter of 2002, Intel will announce specifications that the mainboards should prepare for the upcoming Intel 'Prescott' processor. Now, some owners of such a board should certainly panic a little, because after all the boards do not seem to be prepared for P4s from 3.0GHz. However, we would rather doubt this. On the one hand, Intel's specifications, as mentioned, are guidelines for a smooth process, motherboard manufacturers can therefore already produce much 'stronger' circuit boards and in the future the information will probably be more of a strict precautionary measure, as Intel has always done and ever operates. On the other hand, future chips will not require significantly more power. The difference between a P4 'Northwood' with 2.0 GHz (52.4 watts) and a P4 2.533 (59.3 watts) should not be less than that of a 3 GHz CPU. Other parts of the documents deal with the upcoming i845GE and i845PE chipsets. Compared to its predecessor i845G, the i845GE will officially support the DDR333 (theMainboard manufacturer the i845G with DDR333 support) and a faster graphics core and will go into production in September 2002. The i845PE is the successor to the i845E, which will also support DDR333. Incidentally, the PE is pin-compatible with the G variant and not with its direct predecessor, the i845E, as was often assumed. In addition, Intel seems to be saying goodbye to ECC RAM with the i845 series. Neither the i845G nor the upcoming i845GE and i845PE will support the memory used in servers. Many thanks to DjDino for the hint!