Intel and NASA are working on an 8 GHz Pentium 4

Intel and NASA are working on an 8 GHz Pentium 4

As recently became known, the processor giant Intel is working with the American space agency NASA on a Pentium 4 system that is said to have a full 8 GHz. The basis of this endeavor is, how could it be otherwise, cooling with liquid nitrogen.

So far you could use the Pentium 4 with this method only up to the 5 GHz limit. This whole project proves the theory of many overclockers that the Pentium 4 with appropriate cooling is capable of much more than Intel would be willing to admit. Certainly one would have to make the processor more resilient in series production for the extreme cold, but the approach will be absolutely trend-setting.

The current plan for the first use of the clock giant calls for it in the NASA X31, a deploy an experimental aircraft from the US space agency with the aim of developing a system that houses eight of these 8 GHz processors. Unfortunately, neither NASA nor Intel has issued a statement on this project, but this rumor is classified as very credible. Let's be surprised.

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