Intel admits errors in 'Yorkfield'

Intel admits errors in 'Yorkfield'

In its updated specifications for the first 45 nm desktop processors with the code name “Yorkfield”, Intel has for the first time information about what was previously known as the “frontside bus bug” disclosed errors. The rumor mill was once again almost exactly right with the description of the error.

At Intel, the error is listed as Errata AV51 and describes a state that may occur: Front Side Bus GTLREF Margin Results Are Reduced for Die-to-Die Data Transfers in Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650, Which Can Lead to Unpredictable System Behavior. The problem is described in detail on page 35 of the changed specifications . Accordingly, in a special combination of processor, chipset and mainboard, the voltage on the frontside bus can drop. This in turn can cause bit errors, which can lead to further errors and thus influence the system stability.

Intel himself states that the error in the laboratory tests carried out to date does not have any effect in connection with software available in retail and therefore does not affect the customer. The updated specifications therefore do not provide a solution or a workaround. The current status in the document says that there will soon be a new stepping of the processor that will fix this error. It can be assumed that all other four-core processors with the code name Yorkfield, from which we only recently introduced the currently fastest Core 2 Extreme QX9770 with 3.2 GHz and the smallest offshoot Q9450 with 2.66 GHz had been tested , will appear in the new stepping by the end of the first quarter of 2008.