InnoVISION announces mainboards

InnoVISION announces mainboards

InnoVISION Multimedia have expanded their product range to include a few branches. In addition to the Inno3D graphics cards, the company now also produces its own mainboards, which appear under the InnoBD label and are also sold in Germany.

The InnoBoard BD-4200D for the Pentium 4 with Intel I845 DDR chipset and the InnoBoard BD-7300D for the Athlon XP with KT-266A chipset will start. Overclockers will be happy about both boards, because they are equipped with special overclocking features, so you can look forward to an 'Extreme InnoBoard Experience'. In addition to PC Cillin, Drive Image and Partition Magic will most likely also be included with the board as software. Since the Inno3D graphics cards from InnoVISION have already attracted positive attention due to their processing quality and performance, we can really look forward to the performance and stability of the mainboards. Last but not least, InnoVISION now has its own label for each division:

  • Inno3D graphics cards
  • InnoBD motherboards
  • InnoAX sound cards
  • InnoDV digital video products
  • EIO-I/O products (USB, RAID controllers, etc.)